#21: Drink a bubble tea

bubble tea

I had a bubble tea for the first time about a decade ago and absolutely hated it. But as I passed by The Tea Shop 168 on Yonge St, I thought I’d give it another shot. The menu was¬†totally overwhelming with a huge amount of choices but I opted for the blueberry hot tea and sat down to wait.

Bubble tea also known as pearl or bobba tea comes from Taiwan and made it over to North America in the 80s. You can opt to have green or black tea, green or black milk tea, ice crushes, sherbets or ice coffee. Then they add the ‘pearls’ which are also called sago balls or what we call tapioca.

I have to say I was a little skeptical as I waited for my tea and saw people drinking their milky tapioca balls. But when my blueberry tea came I was pleasantly surprised. The tea was really good and I have to say the tapioca balls were slimy and a bit fun. I think the trick is, definitely drink it hot!

The Tea Shop 168, 768 Yonge St, M4Y 3X4

buble tea tapioca balls

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