#87: Anice: Old Treasures, New Love

Ever wondered what to do with that special piece of your Grandmother’s jewellery? Your family heirloom that is hideously ugly but you cherish it all the same? Anice will help turn your old treasures into a new love.

Anice Grandmas Belt Necklace

Grandmas Belt Necklace

I stumbled upon this shop while wandering through Kensington Market one Sunday afternoon. I was immediately greeted by Brittany the owner and designer. She explained that she was inspired by her grandmother Anice, whom she named the shop after her and who’s picture is displayed on the counter. She specializes in the art of mixing old vintage gems and new materials. By metal-smithing and juxta-positioning the old with the new, to create pieces that are unique. It’s one-of-a-kind jewellery, reworked into unique necklaces bracelets and earrings.

You can browse her treasure chest of jewellery, or bring in your own to repair and re-work. You can now turn that necklace that’s been sitting in your jewellery box collecting dust, and collaborate in creating a timeless piece that you won’t be embarrased to wear.

Anice 167 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T 2L4 (Kensington Market)

Anice Antique Clockwork Dangles

Antique Clockwork Dangles

Anice Vintage Dangler Earrings

Vintage Dangler Earrings

Anice Vintage Good Luck Necklace

Vintage Good Luck Necklace

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